City of Goodyear

Utility Service Application

Please read and review the Utility Welcome Letter to ensure that you have the correct documents to set up your account. Then, complete this online form to begin service. Please note the required fields. Only completed forms will be accepted for submission and processed. You will receive a confirmation email if your application was submitted correctly.

Allow two (2) business days from the date of submission for processing. In order to process your application, the following are required:


Monday thru Friday Only

Must be received by 3PM that day and an additional $50 fee applies.
All accounts processed will be signed up for e-bill. If you wish to receive a paper bill, you can opt out of e-bill at the bottom of this form.
RENTERS: All names on the tenant line need to be provided on this application

Do not enter any credit card or social security information in this field. Please use the add applicant button to provide additional customer information.


Owners: Escrow number and name of title company. If you are unsure of your escrow number, type "Landlord" into the escrow number box and provide the title company name; we will attempt to verify through Marciopa County Assessor's website. If we are unable to confirm you will be required to provide the escrow number.

Property Managers: Fully executed PMA must be provided with every submission. Select yes under property owner and type in "Property" and "Manager" into the escrow number and title company boxes.

Listing Agents: Listing assignment must be provided. Select yes under property owner and type in "Listing" and "Agent" into the escrow number and title company boxes.



Each property is equipped with a set of cans. A beige trash and green recycle can. If this is a brand new home, we will automatically deliver a set of 95 gallon cans.

We offer 2 sizes: 65 gallon and 95 gallon. If you find the the cans on-site do not meet your needs, please contact a customer service representative at 623-882-7887 to set up a size swap, delivery or removal of additional cans.


Monday thru Friday only
If you are a 'Sanitation Only' customer you must provide your Liberty Termination Confirmation Number. If you do not provide the confirmation number your account will remain active and this request will be deemed incomplete. Call Liberty Utilities to get the termination confirmation number: 623-935-9367.


Your account will be charged a $200 deposit ($250.00 for commercial for 2" meters and smaller, $650.00 for 3" meters and larger) and a $60.00 activation fee and will be payable on your first bill for water/sewer accounts. If you are requesting same day service, your account will be charged an additional $50 same day fee. Any application that is received after 3 PM, will be processed the next day.

The $200 deposit can be waived if a letter of credit from another utility company is received within 10 days of submitting your application. The letter of credit needs to show perfect payment history for a 12 month period within the last 18 months. If you cannot get a good letter of credit, signing up for sure-pay or online auto-pay (must wait for first bill) for 12 months will also get the deposit waived.

There is no deposit required for Sanitation Only customers. There is however, a required $50 activation fee. This will be billed on your first bill. Please allow 2 business days for processing to avoid additional fees.

If you are renting the home, a copy of the entire signed lease needs to be received by the City before your application can be processed. All persons on the lease must be listed on the application.

Property Managers please send PMA and Listing Agents send listing assignment.

Your application will be deemed complete once all the required information has been received by the City of Goodyear.

Required documents may be faxed to: 623-932-3003 or emailed to If you have any questions, please call 623-882-7887.

By submitting this, I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Arizona that all of the information provided by me is true and accurate; I have the lawful authority to activate utility services for the address identified on the submittal; I am accepting all financial responsibility for the utilities account, and I agree that I will remain financially responsible for the utility account until I submit the Request to Stop Service form signed by me to the City Finance Department and the utility account has been paid in full.

I agree to pay the $60.00 activation fee for water/sewer/sanitation accounts; or the $50.00 activation fee for sanitation only accounts.

Sign up for Surepay (automatic payments from checking account)

I hereby authorize City of Goodyear and the financial institution designated below to charge my checking account for payment of my monthly City of Goodyear Utility bill. I have the right to stop automatic bill payment by notifying the City of Goodyear prior to the payment due date. I understand that a fee will be charged to my account for each payment request returned for insufficient funds. If two payment requests are returned, I may be excluded from the plan. In addition, I understand that both the financial institution and the City of Goodyear reserve the right to terminate this payment plan and/or my participation in the plan. I may discontinue my participation in the plan at any time by notifying the City of Goodyear. I recognize that it is my responsibility to prompty notify the City of any error resulting in an incorrect amount being transferred from my account to the City. If you need to cancel a payment we must be notified 2 business days prior to the due date to stop any payments.

I certify that I have authority to use the checking account provided.

Enter the email you would like the confirmation to be sent to.